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          聯系我們CONTACT US
          傳真:0514-87519092 / 87735776
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              Yangzhou Sanxiang Machinery Manufacturing Co.Ltd.  is specialized is engaged in the straight seam welded pipe production line, cold bending steel line, slitting line and related supporting facilities of the enterprise. The company has scientific and strict management, high-quality staff, strives for perfection the work style, to ensure the product quality, the products sell well in more than 20 domestic provinces and cities, especially in guangdong, tianjin,fujian, Shanghai, zhejiang, jiangsu,hebei and other places enjoys a high reputation, and strictly perform ISO3001:2008 quality standards, product sales around the world, enjoys a good reputation. 

              The skill indicators are very mature. We at home under the guidance of experts, professors, track of foreign advanced technology, eclecticism, bold innovation, self-developed natural cold bending flexible forming technique. The research and design unit is widely used in petroleum steel tube, automobile manufacturing, building, container manufacturing, guardrail board, sports equipment and other fields. 

              Customer demand is the driving force for the development of the technology, the company strength is abundant technical level continuously, high speed, the strong support of ascension. "To do a good job, must first sharpen his", the company is willing to work with domestic and foreign steel pipe manufacturer to cooperate, for you to create the excellent performance of welded pipe production line equipment, with professional technology, superior equipment, high quality products, perfect service for the world steel industry. 


          Tel/Fax:  0086 514 87519092

          Moblie:  0086 13773553323

          E-mail:  yzgxhgj@126.com

          地 址:揚州市邗江區楊壽鎮工業集中區